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This page is for those users wishing to try a preview of the new DMAPPER Version 3.xx

The current beta test version is stable enough that it should provide the basic needs similar to the previous Version 2.21  (See comparison chart below)


Download the latest version of Dmapper3   "POST to ESRI/ArcGIS type apps using the new BatchFile Processing Method"

Test version has "limits" without a full registration but should allow you to try it.  (Dmapper2 Registrations will also work in Dmapper3)


Watch a tutorial video of the Dmapper 3.1 Configuration screen options.



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The table below displays the current Dmapper 3.x progress on features as compared to the older 2.0 version.

    (chng)   (as of 03/20/2019)
Feature Category Feature Info   Dmapper2 Dmapper3
Version Info Current Version   2.21 (11/20/2011) 3.3b01  (b=beta)
  Compatible Operating Systems   XP XP,Vista,Win7,8,10
TNC support for Serial Port TNC   Yes Yes
  USB to Serial Adaptor   Yes Yes
  USB Only TNC   N/A N/A
  Baud Rates   1200-9600 1200-19200
  AX.25 ASCII Text feed   Yes Yes
  KISS mode feed via TNC, Telnet for UZ7HO soundcard TNC   N/A Yes
Internet/Network Telnet feeds (Local machine)   Yes Yes
  APRS-IS feed   Yes Yes
  APRS-IS Login   Yes Yes
  APRS-IS login parameters   Yes Yes
  Save Multiple Telnet Configurations (10 max)     Yes
Mapping Pgms Terrain Navigator STANDARD   Yes (tracks, & w/lines) Yes (Tracks w/callsign)
  Terrain Navigator PRO   Yes   Yes (Tracks w/callsign)
  (Tracks w/call, w/time, now only)      
  Terrain Navigator ROUTES X Yes Yes (Lines w/callsign
  Street Atlas   Older 5.0 Version N/A
  Garmin BaseCamp   Yes (Tracks)
  BatchFile Processing (ESRI/ArcGIS)   NEW (please test)
  OziExplorer   Yes (Live post) Yes (Current position)
  National Geographic TOPO   Yes (Tracks,Current Pos) Yes (Current position)
Posting Capture ALL X N/A Yes
  Auto-Posting   Yes  Yes
  (manual, timed, live)   depends on map depends on map
  stops auto-import for map edits   N/A Yes
  auto-post processor speed adjustment N/A Yes
  Different Map Marker Colors   Yes (Terrain Navigator) User Set (Terrain Navigator)
  Different Map Symbols   No User Set (Terrain Navigator)
  Manual input of a coordinate/marker X N/A Yes
  Ozi can specify diff default waypoint     in development
Dmapper Display Lat/Long format conversion info tool   N/A  Yes 
  Lat/Long MANUAL coordinate input X N/A Yes
  Unit list sorting   N/A Yes
  Overdue timer/notification   Yes Yes
  Not moving indicator   Yes Yes
  Maximum callsigns tracked   8 No Limit **
  Tactical Names   Yes for TN,NGTOPO,GarminBC
  Prevent dup position string posting   N/A Yes
Data files Edit/View Option   Yes See file management
  Storage Path configuration   Fixed User designated
  Data File Management (view/delete)   Yes Yes
APRS Beacons      
  Status     In development
  Messaging   N/A  In development
  Weather   N/A N/A (maybe future)
  Positions NMEA  $GP……   GGA,RMC,WPL,WGT GGA,RMC,
  Positions MicE format (IE:Kenwood,etc) Yes Yes
  Compressed data (base-91)   N/A Planned
  Others In development     WGT,WPL (Pending)
Status key Yes (Either all or part is functional and tested)  
  Test needed (Feature may be active but needs more testing)  
  In development (partially active on being built)  
  Planned (Not yet in development but on the needs list)  
  Future (may be considered in future versions but not planned)  
  N/A (Not available)      
** No Limit (Depends on license, processor, and map program limits. May limit for stability reasons in future)





  Specific Version List  (Download links)  
  Version3.3b01   For XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN10  
  Version 2.21  Older version for XP only (Limited suppport)  


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